Godrej Interio - Shamelessly Poor After Sales Service
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Complaint by: Tushar Prakash on November 24, 2016, 1:26 pm in Home Furnishings

I bought a dining table with a Marble top from Godrej Interio from Kirti nagar, Delhi. The marble top was broken from the corner so a month later I received a new table top. This wasn't broken but after the technician left I noticed the surface had numerous fine circular scratches in arcs indicating that the equipment used to polish the marble had left those. Moreover, the technician that delivered and installed the second table top did not take the first one with him. He said someone from the Warehouse will come and take it.

I contacted the Godrej customer care twice regarding this. They said a technician will come to check the table top and someone from warehouse for the discarded table top. No one came. I found out the number for the guy who handles logistics in Delhi, Prateek. I told him about the defected top that came the second time but my main concern was the discarded top that had been lying around in my house. I told him my house was not a dumping ground and I will not incur the costs to have it disposed off. He assured me someone would take it from my place in the next two days. Silence! Some 10 days later I contact him again, and someone under him, Vineet, assured the same thing to me. Nothing happened! I called Prateek again and this time I had to speak to him in a loud tone. He again assured me the same thing and as you would expect, no one came. I now spoke to Prateek's manager Nischal. Told him my problem politely and implored him to act on this matter immediately. This guy too told me the same old same old - "Sir I'll have it done by Saturday." I wasn't expecting him to be truthful so I reminded him the next day and he confirmed that someone will be coming the next day (Saturday). I wasn't surprised one bit that no one turned up. Mr. Nischal turned his phone off on Saturday (19th Nov). No one has come since.

I am dumbfounded that a company of Godrej's repute is not just scamming its customers by providing such a substandard quality of items, but shamelessly lies to dupe its customers. It's been TWO MONTHS since the marble top has been lying around my house. What is stopping them from coming and picking it up from here? I have no other rationale than that they just don't want to... and in effect put the cost and effort to dump it on me. Doing business with this company has turned out to be such a nightmare!!!

The scratches on the new table top are too fine to be captured in a photograph but I am attaching the pics of discarded top lying right outside my house, much to the displeasure of my neighbors.

Complainant's Goal: To get the discarded marble top taken away from my house by warehouse guys
Complainant's Target: Godrej Interio
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon

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