iComplaints.in - Online Consumer Complaints iComplaints.in - Online Consumer Complaints http://www.icomplaints.in Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:28:21 +0530 Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:28:21 +0530 iComplaints.in - Online Consumer Complaints iComplaints.in - Online Consumer Complaints http://www.icomplaints.in iComplaints.in - Online Consumer Complaints <![CDATA[none - Lost (STOLEN) I-Phone 5s - iComplaints.in]]> Hello Sir/Madam,
I, Rutuja Dharne, a resident of Bhosale Nagar, Pune, lost my I-Phone 5s, Space Gray on 26/06/2017 on Senapati Bapat Road while returning home at around 11:30 PM. There are great chances that it has been stolen as it got switched off within an hour even though the battery was fully charged.
The IMEI Code is 359261066153441. And the TRA ID is 0016472/08.
I request you to please inquire about the same and let me know ASAP as all my important data is in the phone and getting it transferred on any other device is nearly impossible. I sincerely hope that you co-operate and I assure you that I will provide any required phone related documents for the inquiry.
Thanks and Regards.
Rutuja Dharne

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2017-06-28 13:56:26 Mobile and Cell Phones
<![CDATA[Krishna Murari Meena - karbonn aura 4G - iComplaints.in]]> Camera krap hai battery bhi krap hai and charge me time lagta hai hang hota hai

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2017-06-28 10:39:58 Mobile Service Providers
<![CDATA[Shopforschool - Books not come till now. - iComplaints.in]]> We order books of grade 8 on 2 June 2017. Our books are not come till now and now school started

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2017-06-27 15:47:43 Books
<![CDATA[La fortune Banquet - Unauthorised working - iComplaints.in]]> This banquet is established here from 2016,
I want to tell you that this banquet is not taken any pollution clearance from NGT after installing the proper equipments for the water and air pollution. Any action taken by NGT to stop the business activities..?
No,no action is taken by NGT
This building is illegal and the building plan of the construction is not passed/sanctioned by the MCD
Any action taken by the MCD (Building Department)?
No,no action is taken by MCD
The industrial property uses to banquet hall is not allowed or permitted by DDA
Any action taken by DDA.?
No,no action is taken by DDA
I also complaint against through RTI and the reply from Delhi traffic police dont make us the party. They clearly said that no permission is given to the banquet but we can't take any action
RTI no of Delhi police is-1263/2017/2714/DIC(DA-II)
RTI no of delhi police is-220/RTI/ACT/171531/RTI cell/ Tr.
RTI no of Delhi Police Is- F.65/RTI/ACT/17/110/RTI Cell (WR)/ Tr.
RTI no of licensing officer is-390/RTI cell/LIC,
RTI no -1263/17 2310/ DIC (DA-11)/
RTI no- 464/17/1509/DIC(DA-11)
RTI no-367/ RTI/ACT/17 2121/RTI cell
RTI no-F.112/RTI/ ACT/17/175/RTI Cell(WR)
RTI no- 35/152-53/RTI appeal//FAA/ Traffic,
RTI no- F.367/RTI/ACT/17/2102/RTI cell
From last 6 months i file a complaint against him every officer go to his banquet but no action taken by them
What are they doing there if they are unable to take action why are they wasting their time and our time. I only want one answer have you taken any action or not.. if not then i direct file a complaint to govt if they will also take any action then i have to take action with media or news channel..

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2017-06-27 12:33:14 Wedding Services
<![CDATA[BSES Rajdhani Power Limited - Against. The low voltage in our area and continously power cut - iComplaints.in]]> There is low voltage in our area and continously power cut . Every night there is ths problem of low voltage and if voltage is unfortunately better than power is cut and the reason is always same that fire in the pole. How is it possible that pole gets with fire daily at night.. May be in our area jeewan park pankha road uttam nagar D block , new delhi-59 someone steal electricity here so that's y it results to low voltage .. we shift in this area last year.. and continously we r facing same problem in winter's it's​ not effect but in Summer it is difficult to survive in the heat .. please take some action against it.. and if u can't take please revert us.

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2017-06-27 12:00:13 Others
<![CDATA[uniconnect sim pvt ltd - The most unreliable international sim card is Uniconnect Sims - iComplaints.in]]> The most unreliable international sim card is Uniconnect Sims. They should clearly put it on their website that their services and network are always down. No matter how much you spend on their sim card, their services never match. Really bad experience of using their prepaid sim card in Canada

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2017-06-26 22:58:41 Telecommunications
<![CDATA[Matrix Infonest Pvt Ltd - Quite convinient services of Matrix Sim Card - iComplaints.in]]> I got my daughter a matrix sim card for her 3 month stay in Singapore. While the idea was to get her to be connected and make her stay comfortable atleast in terms of telephony. It was quite a stress buster for us too, since we didn’t have to worry about how would she get a number and manage everything. Matrix Sims solved all that for us. The convenience of paying in INR was an added benefit for us.

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2017-06-26 22:45:53 Telecommunications
<![CDATA[auto driver - Paid twice for old auto ride - iComplaints.in]]> I travelled in ola auto from kknagar on Saturday June 24th 2017 @ 10.33am and reached vadapalani Metro Station Chennai at 10.42am. Auto•CRN 816650774
for that ride ₹37 was deducted from my ola money.
But the auto driver Durai singam demanded rs 40 and my husband paid that amount. So for 9 mnts auto ride we paid ₹77 ..
I want the extra ₹40 which I paid to the auto driver she be refunded.

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2017-06-26 21:31:44 Travel and Vacations
<![CDATA[Unknown - Mobile Theft - iComplaints.in]]> Mobile Theft

Mobile Lost Details

Handset: Samsung A710FZ A7 6 EDITION
IMEI: 356825076442102
EAN: 8806088219790
Value: 32500/-

Purchase Bill Details: Bill No. CC/KML/2083 dated 18/03/2016
Shop Name: Crystal Connections(Samsung Smartphone Cafe)
Shop No.2, JKB Complex, No.153,
Kammanahalli Main Road, Blore-84
Place of Theft: Alankar Plaza
Date of Theft: 25/06/2017 at 06.15 pm

Request you to find the same at the earliest.

Thanking you,


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2017-06-26 14:40:49 Mobile and Cell Phones
<![CDATA[LIC of India - I am not able to know my online payment User Id - iComplaints.in]]> Hi, My Policy number is 572956248 vide name Rasmita Patro, I am trying to get my User ID from which i will pay the premium online.

I have tried everywhere to get the user id but i am unable to get, so please help me to get this.

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2017-06-26 13:21:17 Others
<![CDATA[casio India - Terrible experience with casio - iComplaints.in]]> I'm an unhappy customer of Casio India and my experience with Casio has brought me here to write to you.
I had bought the watch which is sheen model and within 4 use I had to send twice to your head office as your rose gold plating is chipping off n not sustainable at all.1st time they got it changed and 2nd time again the same issue happened and they say it's a wear and tear marks. I agree wear and tear marks are there, but how can a base metal will be visible in just 2 use after the 1st exchange.
2nd after arguing I get second offer saying we will give you 50% discount additional amount you have to pay to buy other model.that's fooling the customer it's not DISCOUNT it's 50% deductible on the purchase. So if I choose a model of MRP 7595/- I shall get 50% of previous model which comes to 4500/- originally I bought for 9000/- and pay additional 3100/- so in all I have to spend 12k for MRP 7595/-.what kind of deal is this.
Your company is not valuing your customers unfortunately and I have bought back to back two watches one of them is Baby G trusting your company.
I demanded a very sensible compensation and that is give me the credit note of 9k and I shall buy other model if value is less than 9k, I shall go ahead with another model. In all instead of 1 I shall buy 2.
Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Sneha Dangarwala

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2017-06-26 08:29:19 Jewelry and Watches
<![CDATA[Amazon.in - Amazon delivered wrong product and not replacing it for the same old price - iComplaints.in]]> Amazon delivered wrong product and not replacing it for the same old price

I ordered an honor 8 for 16598rs. Order no 407-7857149-3901931. They delivered me an honor 8 lite which i spotted while opening in front of the delivery boy. And being ordered another phone i didn't opened anything and returned the phone. Now when i ask the customer care to send me the right piece. They said i had to order another one which is going for more than previous amount. This thing frustrates me as to wrongfully guide people to buy stuff and don't deliver on it. This is bad policy to not replace the order. How big is a mere 2000rs mark matter to a big company. But it surely does for a student like me. It caused me inconvenience and i got a sorry in return.

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2017-06-25 21:40:27 Mobile and Cell Phones
<![CDATA[Vodafone Chennai - Free of cost sim collecting money in show room executive - iComplaints.in]]> Vodafone Service,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Complaint against amount charging for free of cost SIM.

In reference to the above subject, i would like to inform you that, in Vadafone show room , TTK road alwarper , chennai. customer service executive Mrs Mary charging Rs.100/- for Free of cost SIM Card .

when i was asking why your people charges for issuing duplicate sim card , in that time executive said that duplicate SIM issue not free of cost , after that i come to know its free , again i went and asked the executive they are saying you don't have balance so for that will making recharge and sim charge 25/. we took 100/- ,

but i have balance and i don't want any recharge i said to them for hiding mistake so many stories creating executives.

please take immediately action against CSE, otherwise so many innocent people will suffer.,literate people itself they making fool then think about illiterate people

i hope vodafone company has good name in the market , because of theses such executive getting bad name .

please take issue in serious manner and do it immediate action.

Thanks & Regards,

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2017-06-25 21:39:48 Mobile Service Providers
<![CDATA[Kuoni global - Worst experience with talent mint, knowledge ven and their Client Donvand KUONI - iComplaints.in]]> Worst experience with talent mint , knowledge venture and their Client Donvand KUONI.
I was hired as a full time employee with knowledge venture LLP and deployed to client Donvand-A principle subsidiary of KUONI. The contract got termination due to nonsense reasons.Sanjoy Bhatacharya IT Head of Donvand illegally terminated me from job.He illegally taken my i card and illegally withheld my salary around 1.47 lakh. This happened on 16th Feb 2017. From that day on-wards I am waiting for my 43 days Salary(1st feb 2017 to 15th march 2017).
There is absolutely No response from the Rasika Anand- knowledge venture head or any one related to Talent Mint or knowledge venture LLP. they dont respond to calls or mails. very ridiculous
Knowledge venture, talent mint and donvand kuoni subsidiary are cheating and fraud with me.As per instruction of Donvand kuoni IT Head Sanjoy Bhattcharya ,Rasika illegaly withheld my money.
I want justice.

The address and phone no of both companies.

Payroll company: Knowledge Venture LLP Address-211, Unitech Arcadia, South City 2, Gurgaon 0124-4042858 Mob-9910220304

Client: Donvand, Kuoni Global Travel Services, JMD Megapolis, Sohna road, Gurgaon mob-9810356432

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2017-06-25 20:34:57 Career and Employment
<![CDATA[Kuoni Global Travel Services - Traumatic Experience in Kuoni Global Travel Services,Salary Denied, Cheating - iComplaints.in]]> Rasika Anand Knowledge Venture-Managing Partner and Sanjoy Bhattacharya KUONI IT Head illegally withheld my 43 days salary.Both are cheating or fraud with me. KUONI IT Head sanjoy bhatacharya and knowledge venture llp managing partner rasika anand had in collusion with each other had concocted fallacious story to not pay my salary and other dues. Made false allegations on me which is completely baseless and never stand anywhere.
I got injustice from knowledge venture and Donvand-A kuoni company.
I need my salary anyhow.i want Justice.
Dishonesty is never acceptable.
It is unethical

Problems I am suffering

1.Employer have not done my Full & Final settlement

2. Employer made false allegations on me.

3.Pressurize me for resignation

4.Donvand IT Head Sanjoy Bhattacharya illegally taken my id card..
He cheated my salary.

Payroll company: Knowledge Venture LLP Address-211, Unitech Arcadia, South City 2, Gurgaon 0124-4042858 Mob-9910220304

Client: Donvand, Kuoni Global Travel Services, JMD Megapolis, Sohna road, Gurgaon mob-9810356432

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2017-06-25 18:26:53 Career and Employment
<![CDATA[Puneet kumar - Ludhiana corporation cheated me - iComplaints.in]]> Sorry sir in Hindi....mere dada gee ne ek registered will ki hai

Jismein unhone mere father.jatinder Kumar ke naam sab kuch Kiya hai

Lekin corporation ludhiana ke ek clerk name deepak chauhan ne paise lekar property mere chacha gee ke naam transfer kar di please help me please

Read Full Complaint at: Ludhiana corporation cheated me

2017-06-25 15:34:22 Building and Construction
<![CDATA[Bajaj Finance Pvt.Ltd - Personal loan application complaint - iComplaints.in]]> Bajaj finance cheated me and processed the personal loan application. The interest rate was high and so I rejected the application. Without any notification they processed the loan. Please request to log a complaint on this fraud company. And close my loan application.

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2017-06-25 14:38:49 Banking and Finance
<![CDATA[The Aethnic Textile - Mr Ashwani Kumar - Big Fraud & Cheater - iComplaints.in]]> Mr Ashwani Kumar - Big Fraud & Cheater

Respected Sir / Madam,

I would like to raise a complain against Mr Ashwin Kumar he is a big time fraud & a cheater from Surat,Its been 2 weeks i have placed an order with him for 4 kurtis till date i haven't received my goods nor is he ready to return my payment back & now he is not even answering any calls nor is he replying to my messages.You can check his complaints on 99complaints.com too.He is cheated lot of people.I can provide you all the proofs of the order placed,order confirmed by him & the payment made by me for the same.

These are his details : Mr Ashwani Kumar
Ph : 09879089058/ 0261-4000458/9879089058

Add : 132 Golden Point Market
Ring Road,Surat Gujrat

Would request you to please take strict action against him its not a matter of 3000 rs but its a matter of trust & faith which a client will lose,Today he has cheated us with a small amount tomorrow he will cheat someone else with a big amount n there needs to be a end to this fraud.I guess the license for doing business of such people should be taken away immediately. Afterall its each ones hard earned money.

Request you to kindly take strict action against him & get my payment back from him.


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2017-06-25 11:37:25 Retail Stores
<![CDATA[BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITED, BAJAJ FINSERV - Insurance reversal - iComplaints.in]]> My Bajaj loan account no is 405SPL16733746

I had taken a personal loan and was told if I pay off the loan within 1yr I will get full refund of the insurance I had pay however 5-6 thousand will be deducted as per service charges and the insurance amt was 50 thousand so I was expecting at least 42 thousand back.

In nov 2016 I was told by the representative that I cannot close the loan within 1 yr as that is the loan policy and so I waited as I had taken the loan in nov 2015. So dec 2016 I payed off the loan and was informed I will get full refund for insurance after deducting the service charges. However month after month have passed with neumerous email to them back and forth and I never received my money.

They then sent me a letter via email stating I will get only 13 thousand back as that is the surrender amount if closed in 2nd year. Now they want to cheat me of my money and totally misleading information was provided to me when I took the loan I was never given any insurance documents to begin with to state anything about the insurance policy which is totally fraud. I want my money returned as I followed everything correctly and paid every EMI on time. If we miss a EMI they call and harress people but when they have to pay us they don't care. Would really appreciate if this can be delt with seriously and that Bajaj fin serv be fined for cheating and misleading us who they call loyal customers.

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2017-06-24 23:17:41 Loans All
<![CDATA[employee - drainage water stagnant - iComplaints.in]]> Stagnant of drainage water enormous mosiquto

Read Full Complaint at: drainage water stagnant

2017-06-24 20:14:37 Health and Beauty