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Complaint by: on August 22, 2013, 4:07 pm in Others

sir, in the website I am playing Rummy game for money from the past one year.Recently I have noticed something wrong and later I took screenshots of the same whenever I felt something was wrong.When I contacted the customer care they are saying that they cannot do anything and are blaming the other player who was involved and they are also refusing to refund my lost money.I have all the proofs.

Detail explanation regarding the attached screenshot is as follows

1.The joker in the game is Hearts 6 which means in 21 cards rummy preceding and succeeding cards i.e. hearts 5 and 7 are also jokers and each have a 20 face value (i.e 20 Rs/- for each card) and the remaining 6's of other colors can be used as jokers but no pints will be given to them the end of this game my count was 50 points i had hearts 5 and hearts 7 my face value was 40 points i.e. 40 Rs/- (as you can see in the screenshot on the left )
4.the other player had no face values (as you can see in the screenshot on the right)
5.And as you can see in the screenshot instead of 10 Rs/- getting deducted as I had 2 face values of 40 Rs/-, my total count of 50 was deducted

Sir, I have two more evidences of the same thing happening again. I am only addressing one instance for now.

The main reason to bring this instance to your notice is that, after hearing what the customer care executives said to me I FEEL CHEATED.

kindly suggest how to proceed

Thanking you


Complainant's Goal: Feel cheated.Justice required
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Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad

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Sat, 25 Nov 2017  Sridhar G

Player is correct. just allow you to win 3 to 4 games and their intention is to take the complete from your account and also they want you to invest more and take out the ccomplete from each user. They have around 5 to 6 dedicated players and these guys will win in games as well as tournaments. There is a deal between these players and Adda website or these guys are from their website.

ADDA is a 100% cheating website. ADDA team if you have human heart then try to conduct games in genuine fashion rather than fraud fashion. Everyone is getting hard money but you guys are making easy money by doing fraud.

Mon, 19 Jun 2017  Shweta Mehra

Beware of Adda52. The owners of this website is run a big scam and I say this from my personal experience.
I was playing rummy on Adda52 last week and noticed that the game was rigged. At first I thought I am overthinking or getting in wrong, so I contacted my friend who is a famous poker player. He tried a game himself here and declared that the games are rigged. Not just rummy, but all the other games too. At random the website will allow you to win; 1 out of every 25 games you play. This is all a money making business, there is absolutely no respect to the game here.
Since then I have not visited Adda52. Instead I play poker on Khelplay. This website lets you play free poker online. The games here are not rigged and smooth transaction from bits to cash and vice versa is done here. The website really works on improving your gameplay and hence has detailed steps on how to master rummy and several other games. It is a good website with an easy interface, so those who are not very technologically sound can also easily enjoy a game of poker or rummy here.

Sat, 01 Apr 2017  karan khanna

Adda52 is the bigest scam site. To realize how much this site is rigged, just consider this scenario and it will always be true no matter what because it is harcoded in adda.
If you play against a player with bigger stack, technically the probability of you wining is still the same. The probablity of wining is not determined by the stack of the other player. But on adda you will always lose because once you lose, you will bring more money again to the table or else some other player will join the table. The player with more stack losing doesn't make sense as far as adda is concerned because then it will take more time for one player to leave the table and hence no more money will come, because the money on the table is recycled within the active players.
If you do not trust me, try it yourself. It is not like adda is gonig to change this. The only problem is you will lose your stack to learn this. This thing is more profound on tournament tables because it is the easiest way to finish tournament within a small time.
This is just one thing. Adda is rigged in every way. Adda employees play and they never lose. Just check the history of people wining the tournaments for some days like 10-15 days. You will realize the same players win the tournaments again and again. Here and there someone else will win, but then overall it is the same players because they bring money back to adda.
So pay heed to my advice boycott this site and do not play on this site. If you lose your money and do not want to be cheated. Rest is upto you. But I am saying with experience and I am an adda employee. Check my name on facebook. Take your pick and decide.

Thu, 29 Dec 2016  Abhijeet Shelar

Online poker in India has evolved considerably over the years. Previously, we had just a handful of websites offering poker games, but now we have many. However, many websites are fraud and itís very difficult to distinguish between the genuine and fake sites. And since I am an ardent poker fan myself, I realized it is very important that I share my personal experience with you all. I have never played on Adda52, so no clue about that website, but I always play on Khelplay and so far the experience has been awesome.

I have never come across any glitch while playing games at Khelplay, and I have been playing here since almost 2 years now. I play every day and have won many times. Once there was some confusion regarding rummy, but the customer care services quickly got it resolved for me. Also, generally cash winnings are processed within 48 hours, but in 2 years I only faced a delay once. My overall experience with Khelplay has been brilliant and I feel lucky to have found this site.

Sat, 02 Apr 2016  Rama Rao

Hi, adda52 is scam site, this site is 3rd party site, wrong rules, if you win also loose money. I played one year and stop playing.

Wed, 08 Apr 2015  luuu

my user id is ''luuu'' i am playing since 8 months suddenly on 6/04/2015 they blocked my account saying i had collusion with some player.but i did not do any such thing infact lost money.they asked me to send a apology letter so that they will activate my account,what does that mean?are they encouraging the players to do fraud and ask for apology letter,they will activate the account.i said i have not done any wrong thing and will not ask for apology.there is no reply since then

Sun, 02 Mar 2014  Abhi

The Major Problem with adda52 is they dont maintain record of any game in olayers history, every game shoud be recorded in player history what card we have picked, what are the discarded cards, etc.. until unless we find out the point and point to them this is mistake then only they react, as in above case luckily you have found mistake by taking scree shots or else you have lost money.

This is the biggest disadvantage playing in this site where adda52 have poker and rummy both dont have any history contents of the games you play.

Most of the times the history of games update the next day, that too about the win / loss amount only , you will not find detailed game information