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Kuoni global - Sanjoy Bhattacharya -CTO/ Head/ VP of Kuoni is doing cheating and fraud with me

3 weeks ago by RaviS in Career and Employment
Sanjoy Bhattacharya -CTO/ Head/ VP-Technology (Telecom/ ISP) in Kuoni Travel India Pvt Ltd , Gurgaon and his partner Rasika Anand both had cheated my salary around 1.47 lakh, illegally terminated me,They made false allegations on me. They dont want to... Read more

Kuoni global - Worst experience with talent mint, knowledge ven and their Client Donvand KUONI

1 month ago by RaviS in Career and Employment
Worst experience with talent mint , knowledge venture and their Client Donvand KUONI. I was hired as a full time employee with knowledge venture LLP and deployed to client Donvand-A principle subsidiary of KUONI. The contract got termination due to... Read more

Kuoni Global Travel Services - Traumatic Experience in Kuoni Global Travel Services,Salary Denied, Cheating

1 month ago by RaviS in Career and Employment
Rasika Anand Knowledge Venture-Managing Partner and Sanjoy Bhattacharya KUONI IT Head illegally withheld my 43 days salary.Both are cheating or fraud with me. KUONI IT Head sanjoy bhatacharya and knowledge venture llp managing partner rasika anand had in collusion with... Read more

Kuoni Travel Group - In KUONI illegal termination,not paying my salary,illegally taken my id card

1 month ago by RaviS in Career and Employment
.I believe, every genuine indian citizen in his life has faced the situation of harassment by some. I got very sad experience in Donvand-AВ  Kuoni subsidiary Gurgaon. That time I was contract employee of KUONI (emp code-900112). I was working... Read more