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Complaint by: Arif Ahmad Mda on October 22, 2015, 1:14 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

What exactly, the major issues!!
1. The acceleration.

For city conditions, people may not have attention to the same. Since they drive the car from 1st level to 2nd level and then maximum 50 – 60Km/hr speed at city conditions! Like humps, traffic signals, traffic etc. that means mostly @1st and 2nd gears in use!

Main issue of performance on Highway speed @ 70Kms to 120Kms/hr

Suppose you are driving the at 70 – 100 Kms/hr speed. Your front vehicle too in the same speed. When you want to overtake him, you should increase the speed. Before you overtake, suppose you have aplied a little break and then will apply the acceleration immediately. When you apply break, RPM speed will fall down a little. When you apply acceleration immediately the lost RPM should take pickup fast enough to overtake him within seconds.

Why it should be??? Because when you apply break the RPM will not fall down to 1st / 2nd gear level RPM!! It will be still at 60- 70 Kms/ hr level RPM (it means 3rd/4th / 5th gear level) will be there. So it should take the pick immediately…”””WHERE AS IN FORD FIGO THIS WAS NOT POSSSIBLE AT ALL””” I tried several attempts by changing the gears to 3rd and 4th level but “”FAILED””” miserably!!!! Even a high speed truck driver was close and he was overtaken in other direction!!

A big life Risk and Life Threat!!!

2. Engine can’t withstand the load of passengers when you about to release the clutch!! Even in little slopes, it can’t withstand and it shutoff immediately if the acceleration not given immediately. Idle moving on clutch release was not available!
3. Ground clearance – general issue! Knowingly or unknowingly if it hits there will be a big damage to car as well as passengers inside due to less head clearance!!

Complainant's Goal: Replacement/Refund
Complainant's Target: Ford India Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaErnakulam

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