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Complaint by: pratham Kapoor on July 12, 2017, 4:09 pm in Others

I buyed 2 phone numbers from this site (www.viphexa.com)
I paid ra 2100/- each for per number
He told me to pay 4200/- for both numbers
Then in 30 mins he will give me UPC number for both of the numbers which i buyed from this site
Now 4 days gone he has not giving me any numbers and whenever i call him he didn't attend my call and if i call from some other number he attends the call and make excuses for these thing i told him to refund my money he says yes i ll refund you now but his now is nvr come true yet
I want to help me out from this matter through this site please help me to get my money back
He did fraud with me so please help me Out i hope you will solve this matter as soon as possible

I selected 2 numbers which i paid for

But he told that these are not available or activated select other numbers

Then after i selected

He says ok i ll give you UPC code but 2 days gone he did not gave i tried calling him he did not pick my call
And when i call from other number he picks but he makes excuses
So please help me in this case kindly solve my case as soon as possible
I trusted this site www.icomplaimts.in i hope this site solve my case as soon as possible

And i am attaching screenshots of the payment of both numbers which i paid for
Thanking you
Your sincerely
Pratham kapoor

Complainant's Goal: I want my full amount refunded or give the numbers which i selected
Complainant's Target: www.viphexa.com
Complaint Location: IndiaPunjabAmritsar

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