uniconnect sim pvt ltd - irritated and dissappointed
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Complaint by: subroto meshwari on January 4, 2017, 6:41 pm in Telecommunications

I have never been more disappointed, irritated and frustrated with a service provider that what I have experienced with Uniconnect Sim Cards. This is my first review anywhere . Everything was great when I was buying their prepaid sim card for UK. They spoke of their great services and the best in industry plans and so on. So I bought the sim card for almost Rs 4000/- with some 5GB data and 500 mins of FREE calls within UK etc. Sounded like a great plan. I landed and made my first call within UK, called my sister to inform her that I would reach her place in sometime. Call ended in less than 2 minutes. Uniconnect throws a message, 20 minutes consumed from 500 minutes. So basically I thought it was 2 minutes. Within a few days of using that number only for local calls, all my 500 minuts were consumed with no basis. When I called up their customer care, they said that they cant help and their system shows that I have consumed the minutes and now nothing can be done. So basically now I either pay more money to recharge the number or I ask people to call me. These guys are really cheap with their approach to making money.

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