IFB Industries - ifb washing machine service pathetic and unresponsive, closing issue without res
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Complaint by: Ritesh on October 11, 2017, 5:22 pm in Consumer Electronics

This is regarding MY IFB Washing Machine, My washing machine was not working, i raised the complain on IFB, the service engineer came and just put one meter below and told it's motor has gone. I asked how can you say that... Can you explain me. He told you call any technician they will tell you same.
He then told me to get amc for 2 years and will replace all parts in next 45 days. Otherwise pay 7k and will replace now.
I was surprised without any checks or any repair he just told like that, i was not having any option only to pay him 590 for visit as i cannot pay any more like for AMC etc as was suspecting the guy that he is telling lie.
I know there could be chances of changing motor carbon and with that my motor would have worked, but these ifb service persons don't want to do that. I am really unhappy.. And planning to put a case on consumer forum.

After raising another complain, one more executive visited from ifb and he again told the same thing that motor has gone, please apply amc for 2 years and will replace all parts in next 45 days. I was surprised and thought since both is saying same thing i should go for AMC. I have given the cheque to that guy and in same day i called one local servicing guy, who checked the motor and told me no issue on motor sir.

He told motor is fine, then he checked the board and he found issue on board which he corrected on very less amount and now my motor and washing machine is working fine since last 1 and 1/2 month it working fine.
Hence i have made stop payment for amc and asked IFB team to refund the service charge whihc i paid to first guy for doing nothing.
I am really upset and i need the compensation of what ifb people did with me:

First of all when ifb people don't know any thing to rectify why the hell they are called as technician. Why you people are cheating. You are only interested on amc please...
Please work for people too, don't just go behind money and stop cheating.

I am not going to tolerate this behavior, very first, i have paid 590 on first visits and your technician did nothing, i need the refund of the same, no one pay money for doing some crap job.
2nd as i face lot of trouble i need the compensation of the same from ifb this should be in any ways, i won't leave like that i will lodge a fraud case against this if your ifb people have not taken the appropriate action asap.

Guys whoever is reading this please be aware that the ifb people hardly bother to look into the issue, they just want you to take amc.

Complainant's Goal: Compensation of My loss
Complainant's Target: IFB Industries
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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4 months ago  malini

worst pple, they hv taken rs 3500 fm me and the person has just vanished. customer care also not able to locate that person. worst service and pple by ifb