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Complaint by: on July 16, 2013, 4:08 pm in Passport Services

Hello sir!
My Details as below

Service Required
Application Reference Number: 13-0007896608
Applying For: FRESH
Type of Application: TATKAAL
Type of Passport Booklet: NORMAL

I had applied for fresh passport in tatkal scheme and i got appointment date 12/07/13. I had all the documents as required in DOCUMENT ADVISER section for tatkal reporting time was 9:15 am.
when i reached to the officer who is third party employee(TCS) he reject my document only for 'Annexure-F' , but in the document list this document is in either or condition with 3 of 16 documents. (I have attached the list image please see it)
Then i referred to his TL and he was also denying that list is updated on server, then he referred me to APO and APO told me that
I am not wrong and I have all the documents but Annexure -F is required now.
My question is, if such documents are required for this important identity proof then why should you have not updated over the server.
I had traveled 500 km whole night and within 5 minutes i have to go back without my fault or for others mistake. APO suggested me to go and complaint about issue to the regional office, but why should now? and why are you seating their?
Many persons applying online and getting frustrated. if TCS cant update any information time to time then why they are getting money from government?
another thing is, if someone wants to complaint against passport division, where should he will complaint in their site. their is nothing any complaint section why? and who is monitoring such issues?

Complainant's Goal: Why should I Rejected?
Complainant's Target: PASSPORT
Complaint Location: IndiaMadhya PradeshBhopal

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