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Complaint by: Brigadier Kapil Dev Arya on April 21, 2018, 9:59 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

1. I purchased HONDA CITY 1.5 VAT, Chasis No MAKGM266ACN300156 Engine No L15A73200655 on 27 Feb 13.
2. Though I purchased Honda City Car On 27 Feb13, but as my car usage is less, total Kilometer run till mid Nov 17 was 14535 km. But to my surprise the car started wobbling. After checking at the Honda Service Station, Tristar Honda, Jaipur, we came to know that the top layer of the GoodYear Tyre provided with the car gave way. I showed the Tyre to GoodYear Dealer and GoodYear Engineer. He agreed that it is a Manufacturing Defect and as the Guarantee on GoodYear Tyre is for 5 years , he will replace it free of cost , as the car was purchased in Feb 2013 and should be under guarantee. But on checking the Year of manufacturing of the tyre, to our surprise, We came to know that Honda Motors had fitted TWO YEARS OLD TYRES i.e. tyres manufactured in 2011 in Car purchased in 2013.
3. Now as the Year of Manufacture of the tyre is 2011( fitted in the car purchased in 2013), GoodYear Engineer refused to exchange it free of cost as it is out of Guarantee now. (Photos of the tyre is attached.)
4. I had to replace all the 5 tyres at the cost of Rs 4300/- each, totaling Rs 21500/- as with out which my car would have been NON FUNCTIONAL.
5. I approached Honda Cars (, on 16 Nov 17 and continuously followed it up with them. They are not agreeing to their fault of fitting TWO YEARS OLD TYRES IN NEW CAR, RESULTING IN LOSS OF Rs 21500/- and asking me to bear this cost,which has resulted due to their malpractice by fitting TWOY YEARS OLD TYRE, in my NEW CAR
6. APPEAL . Honda Motors should be asked to pay me cost of 5 tyres Rs 21500/-, and Rs 10000/- toward Mental Agony and Harassment.

Complainant's Goal: Honda Motors should be asked to pay me cost of 5 tyres Rs 21500/-.
Complainant's Target: Honda Siel Cars India
Complaint Location: IndiaRajasthanJaipur

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