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Complaint by: P Kashyap on November 9, 2017, 8:56 am in Career and Employment

BEWARE OF SHINE.COM FROM HTMEDIA. advertises its paid services by phone call. They fleece steep money from seekers Rs. 3103 as registration money and slap an invoice on unsuspecting clients. After paying that amount, the salesman insists on another payment of Rs. 6195 for carrying out psychrometriv tests through another website. Reason better chances of jobs. Once user pays that, again they insist on Rs. 11604 for document verification and employment verification.

The cheats posing as Sales consultants are Gourav Gupta, Mohit, Nishant Sharma etc. I suspect these are fake alibis.

After paying 2 invoices, I became wise and called up their representatives to get refund and also lodged strong protest at their cheating methods. in between the discussions when I questioned them on lack of transparency in charges upfront the Fraudster had the courage to say how will job seekers come to them if they declare upfront Rs. 50,000??

All job seekers Beware!

Complainant's Goal: Cheating by; fleecing money from Job seekers for useless services
Complainant's Target:
Complaint Location: India

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