Department of state Transport Haryana - Fraud Bajaj named customer care
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Complaint by: Yashraj on February 12, 2018, 11:08 am in Banking and Finance

Bajaj customer care fraud me they call me on 10feb on 2018.said that we are goving listen we are giving loan of 1000000 at 0% rate first I was ready to interest in it but later on I find that sum of its problems are there there Bajaj Finserv customer are saying that you are the only person which are short list from my office so we are giving special to you and we are not dealing a public dealing so you are not be able to know about this information from other customer care only so I said that why do you want to give me loan without any security so they said that sir we are giving loan on their own your policy so you have to buy the policy from US either from Reliance Bajaj and any other company that example Tata I was ready for it but they are saying that we are not taking any security over there so you should first register yourself on our customer care I was ready for that and they called me on another day that is on 13feb 2018 after that he asked me for my PAN card by Aadhar Card and all the detail he had taken from me and after few hours he called me back and said that everything was ok and you can get your alone against it so you should choose a 1st year online method for verification of line method he said that if you choose online math and then you will get 10 to 12 days for your verification if you choose of line method and you will get 15 to 28 days for your verification so if it is better to be used on line method he told me as it so I was ready for it but another day was I asked him I will be giving you my information if I ask what was the proof for it he told me that the survey are giving verification for you onli mail. After I give for 1000000 10% and after 30 days over a period is switch off his phone he is he has he had two numbers is switch off both and my policy was registered in Reliance so he fooled me when I contact in Bajaj Finserv they told me that there's no another person who was there ll. He cheated me alot he did 10% of it and I had taken policy if I will not fulfill the policy term MI 100000 rupees would be rupees so please guys please guys don't interest in this policy they are making fool of US into the better method fry complaints I can give that information. Plz be careful

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