Indore Municipal Corporation - Condition of a Runnel in front of my Home/Apartment.
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Complaint by: Amol Kulkarni on January 29, 2016, 3:11 pm in Building and Construction

I am a resident of 103-Aniket Apartment,15-Dhanwantri nagar,Near Rajendra Nagar, Indore.The condition of the Runnel in front of my Apartment is getting worsen day by day.There are no Concrete boundaries/walls on both sides(banks) of the Runnel which constrains the free flow of water (Mainly Sewage water) in the runnel. This causes severe issues related to hygiene and health of the near by residents.Recently there was an attempt to clear the Collivium/Rubble of the runnel by the use of a Mini JCB but this is only a temporary solution to this problem as with the continue rain and garbage-throw in runnel the same situation will occur again in no time.

Therefore, it is my request to the IMC to kindly implement a program for boundary walls on the banks of the runnel of Dhanwantri nagar.

Also I want to get Informed/Updated whether there is any program related to this issue.I would be grateful if I will get a call(8871549727)/email( regarding this issue for both update and further information.

As My City is one amongst the 20 best performing cities under smart city program, Hope there will be a smart solution for this problem also.

Thank you
Amol Kulkarni

Complainant's Goal: Action of Municipal Corporation of Indore
Complainant's Target: Indore Municipal Corporation
Complaint Location: IndiaMadhya PradeshIndore

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