Student - complaint against Habbagodi Police Station and 2 staffs who went BMTC at Kudluga
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Complaint by: Anamika Singh on August 3, 2017, 2:36 pm in Government and Police

Hello, I am Anamika Singh, I want to complaint that yesterday my cousine Monika was going for interview to Electronic City, She caught the BMTC bus at KudluGate, as she entered then after enquiry she found that this bus will not go to Electronic city Bus Stand, then before she get down, two Police (one male and one female) arrived in the bus, she have to take another bus so without any distance and ticket she tried for get down to caught another bus, but that Lady staff caught her and take with them with complaint that you have no ticket, and after getting down, they stopped a car and sat with her, inside at the name of fine, without any reason, they took her all money of her purse (Rs. 580) and asked more money, when she replied that she have no more money for returning home also, then they asked for her ATM card, but she have no ATM card, then they told that any how she have to give more money otherwise they they will make a big case against her and she have to go court as a criminal, but she have no money, finally they told that sell your mobile (cost of Rs. 20,000) to car driver, when she did not agreed then Madam took the mobile and drop off her from the car, told that she will not give the mobile, when Monika forcefully not shutted the gate of car and run with the start car's gate, then driver stooped the car and Madam told that, as you are not giving the mobile and money, then we will take you to Police station and charged a file against you, then Monika became ready for go to Police station, because she did not want to give her mobile to them. Then in the middle way, they take one daily pass of the Tuesday from her purse (as she purchased on that day) and collect some another daily pass (old) from the way, modified that pass with cut and paste then told to her for give a nude pic. in his mobile in the car, when she told that she will go Police station but not do these things, then they go to police station and she write a application in Kannada, which was not readable by Monika, because she knows only Hindi and English, she can't understand that what they have written and discussing in Kannada Only, in the Police Station also they forced for her Mobile and transfer money through Online, finally when they found that she will not give mobile and more money, they went from there with taken her money of the Purse (Rs. 580) and not accepted that they have took her money. after their leaving, one Police Staff showed Her a Sexy Dance Video in his mobile and told that you have to do this dance otherwise we will send you the Central Jail. She was silent and afraid with there activity and seated silently. she seated there for 4 hour and ane after another all police man talking/asking to her in bad (sexy) language. after 4 hour her health was very down cause of PERIOD PAIN, she asked medicine, then they told that don't do DRAMA, after half an hour they realize their mistake and through her from Police Station and kept her mobile that in the court they will give this mobile, she requested for a call to her family/friend that she can't go alone as a health problem but they did not allow to any call as took her Mobile. then after returning home she took 2000 Rs. and again went to Police Station For requesting for her Mobile, they did not want to return her mobile, but as at that time there were more public they took her 2000 Rs. as a fine and give her mobile without any receiving and take signature at a application which was in Kannada (not understable).

I want to only ask that.... This is the Rule of Police?? Then the Thiefs are better than Police, they did not ask ATM and Mobile Forcefully and don't make afraid to anyone that give the money otherwise go to Central Jail. I want to make a case and enquiry about that Police Station and Staffs, Monika can Identify there face, as she does not know there name.

Please do judgment with her.

Hope you will be in favour of a Indian Public/Victim not with those corrupted police.

Thanks and Regards:
Adv. Anamika Singh

Complainant's Goal: punish to the currpted Police Staffs
Complainant's Target: Student
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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