Canopus Total Services P Ltd - Cheating amount Rs. 2,12,500
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Complaint by: Govind Raju on November 29, 2017, 2:48 pm in Loans All

Govinda Raj
M/S Durga Wines & Resturant
712, Mini Ibrahim Road
OOragam Pet Main Road
K.G.F 563 122
98457 56977

Dear Sir/Madam,
Subject :- Cheating from Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd. Of amount Rs. 2,12,500
I am a resident of the above address. On 18.03.2017 an agent of Mr. Abshiek Singh Mobile no 8861826319, 9304261912 a freelance agent hired by Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd Office No 316-B, 3rd Floor, Amita Villa Behind Sainik Vishram Todarmal Marg, Civil Lines, Ajmer (Raj) 305001 Contact: 0145-2429889, 0145-663252. Approached me on a pretext of getting Business Loan for a amount of Rupees 2,00,000,00 (Rupees Two Cores) and Manager Mr Vivek Mobile no. 82909 09888 of Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd.asked me to submit relevant documents needed by Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd, and next day they promised me that I have bright chances of getting loan and send me offer letter dated 22/03/2017 (Attached) and requested me to deposit Sum of Rupees 12,500/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand Five Hundred) as Search and Verification Charges which I did through ICICI fund transfer, followed by APPROVAL LETTER (Attached) Asking me to deposit Rupees 2,00,222 Two Lakhs towards Processing Charges, I transferred Rupees Two Lakhs by NEFT from Syndicate Bank Bangarpet Branch to A/C NO 018505005671 Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd Kutcheri Road Ajmer.
After two months they send some applications, Solvency Certificate, NOC from Syndicate Bank NOC From HDFC Bank where I hold my Accounts to be typed on Stamp paper and signed.
I fulfilled all the relevant documentation and send them to Manager Mr Vivek of Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd by PROFESSIONAL Courier by consignment no 407433 dated 14/08/2017.
They kept on dragging and promising the following week my loan will sanctioned, by first week of October 2017 on Miss Yashika Mobile no 91161 82185 of Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd Called and was arrogant over the phone and was demanding that Solvency Certificate has to be resend the solvency by Professional Courier Consignment no 259344 dated 13/10/2017.
All the three employees
1. Mr. Abshiek Singh Mobile no 8861826319, 9304261912
2. Manager Mr Vivek Mobile no. 82909 09888
3. Miss Yashika Mobile no 91161 82185 are not bothered to answer any calls nor give any satisfactory answer, once in 100 calls after trying by different Cell numbers they pick the calls and just ignore us.
After 8 Month Manager Mr Vivek Mobile no. 82909 09888 of Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd directly replied that we cannot take any action against them as they are very powerful, we have to just forget the amount of Rupees 2,12,500 (Rupees Two Lakhs Twelve Thousand Five Hundred) as we have not provided Solvency Certificate (Which Is already provided)
Syndicate Bank has already provided Solvency Certificate in spite of that Manager Mr Vivek is demanding that Syndicate Bank has to take responsibility for the repayment, this deliberately demanding us to avoid our payment.
I Humbly request your good self to look into this and provide me justice to recover my hard earned money. And to punish the above after dragging me for 10 months giving my sleepless nights by false promises.
Mr. Abshiek Singh Mobile no 8861826319, 9304261912 has borrowed money by making false promises of getting loan from lot of people in Bangalore.
Early Action will be highly appreciated.

Govind Raj

Complainant's Goal: I want Back refund of my amount Rs. 212500 ten months back I had paid them
Complainant's Target: Canopus Total Services (P) Ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaKolar

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last week  Being Your Lawyer

Hi Govind,

You have a very strong case. We are eager to help you out by taking appropriate legal methods and taking back your money. Since the amount involved is huge you must have faced a lot of mental harassment which enables you to compensation from the opposite party as well. Kindly contact us for legal assistance and any help.

Regards Shubham,