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Complaint by: Arun Kukreja on December 1, 2016, 5:59 pm in Mobile Service Providers

Hi All,

This is in regards to my IPhone 5S which is in warranty & was having charging problem for which i took the handset to F1 Info Solutions (Apple Authorized service center) in Ludhiana to get it checked where in first instance Ma'am who was receiving the phones refused that it is dented phones & dented phoned are not covered under warranty as per Apple's policy so they didn't created the Job sheet or put an entry for the phone.

I asked them that if it is Apple's policy that the dented phones are not covered under warranty then I requested them to give me in written that dented phones are not covered under warranty. Ma'am who was receiving the phones went to the service area inside & an engineer came to explain that the dented phones are not covered under warranty I again requested them to provide me the written confirmation about the same.

Handset was in the engineer's hand who was looking at the dents, he asked me to wait as he needs to check with his manager for giving the written confirmation & went to the service area again, suddenly he came out with open phone & told me that there is one part which is called crawl is missing from inside. I asked him why he has open the phone without notifying me & without putting an entry if the dented phones are not covered in warranty & told him that the same came to them 3-4 months back for which they serviced it & gave back to me.

I again requested them if they are seeing any part missing then please close the phone mention that as well in written that there is a dent on phones & the part is missing due to which they would not receive the phone in warranty. The service engineer closed the phone in front of me.

Again he asked me to wait & took the phone inside to discuss. When i asked Ma'am why the service engineer is taking so much time she also went to the service area again & left the door open I checked from the open door that the service engineer had opened my phone again & removing the LCD from my phone. I also went inside & forcefully took my phone back & asked him why he opened the phone again & removing the LCD from my phone.

He didn't had any answers for the same. When i asked him that the phone came in charging problem then why is he removing LCD from the phone after opening the touch ID covers removing the LCD cables, screws etc & then he said that the LCD is duplicate. I lost total trust on them & requested for the parts which they have removed from my phone i.e. screws, touch ID cover, cover screws, LCD cable & flux cable. But rather then giving me the parts he started insisting, pressurizing, misbehaving, threatening me to give the phone back to them.

I asked them to show me the CCTV footage for the time when they took my phone inside so that I could be sure what parts have been removed from my phone but they denied for the same & I came out of the service center without parts & in open phone condition.

Next day I again went to the service center & requested them to give back my removed parts & show the CCTV footage but they again insisted to give the phone to them. After requesting them for 2-3 hours they gave 2 body cover screws & touch ID cover back to me & said only they have removed these parts & didn't share the CCTV footage.

I complaint for this whole incident to Apple customer care who then escalated my case to the senior Advisory team. I requested the senior advisory team from Day 1 to ask the concerned team from Apple who can check the CCTV footage for the service center for the removal of parts to be sure if here service center is wrong or the customer.

Mr. Syed Ahmad who said he was the highest point of escalation asked me to go to another service center in Ludhiana to submit the phone there so that every part should be diagnosed as per the serial number to confirm if there are any duplicate parts. I went to another suggested Apple authorized service center (B2X) where the service center refused to receive the phone for which Mr. Syed spoke to them & ask them to receive the phone.

At the end of there conversation they agreed to receive the phone but told me that the staff who receive the phones have gone now & asked me to come back again next day. I updated Mr. Syed for this who also asked me to go to the service center again in the morning.

Next day I again went to the service center to submit my phone but B2X guys again refused to receive the phone & told me that they didn't receive any written confirmation or email to receive the phone which he promised in the conversation last evening.

I again came back from the service center with no solution. After 2-3 hours Mr. Syed Ahamad called me & asked to go to the B2X service center again. I requested him to check if possible to get the handset picked from my store as I am outside Ludhiana & B2X is located very near to my store for which he said he will check & come back to me but i didn't get any reply from him for the same.

After a day or so I again called the call center & asked them to escalate my case again as the case is not handled in correct way by Mr. Syed Ahamad for which the call center escalated the case to his manager Mr. Prateek who called me & listen to the complete details on call(1-2 hrs). At the end he said that I have to go to the same previous Apple Authorized service center F1 Info Solution to get the handset closed & complete diagnosis will be done only by those engineers.

I requested him again that I have lost trust on those guys as they have removed the parts from my phone & asked him to escalate this case to the concerned team who can check the CCTV footage for the service center for the strict action to be taken against them if they are found wrong as the evidence to confirm is available as of now.

I asked them to be sure on there side first regarding the parts removal from the phone after checking the CCTV footage & in case I still have to go there then let me know for the same to proceed.

I again got a call from Nishaant/Syed Paasha from Apple senior team who spoke to me again listen to whole story & told me that i have to go to the same service previous center again. I told him that B2X has already closed the phone when they were looking/checking the phone while speaking with Mr. Syed Ahamad.

I was shocked when the senior team said that they don't have any separate team to check the CCTV footage for the service center's which i was being told from the very first day when i escalated this case. Moreover when i said the service center guys behaved very badly acting on behalf of Apple which is not expected from such a big company like Apple the senior team guy said that we don't trained people how to behave with customers but they only trained them the technical things.

So, as of now they Apple customer care people are only insisting to submit the phone to F1 Info solution who removed the parts without checking the evidence of the removal & as i have lost trust on that service center & the way they have misbehaved with me I told them that i will not go there again.

So, I would request to kindly escalate this case to the higher management who can look in to this personally & provide some solution for the same rather then submitting my phone to the same previous service center without checking the evidence of the parts removal from the phone.

I have also shared the video captured inside the service center for the misbehave done, the engineer's body language as they literally want to fight to get the phone back.

I shall be very thankful if I could get a quick response on this or if you could share the details of the concerned team (Email address etc.)

Thanks & Regards,
Arun Kukreja
+91 98159-16656
Email ID- arun_kukreja@hotmail.com

Complainant's Goal: Misbehave of Apple Authorized service center
Complainant's Target: F1 Info Solution & Services
Complaint Location: IndiaPunjabLudhiana

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