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Complaint by: Anu88 on October 25, 2012, 5:29 pm in Online Shopping

It has been over a month now that I have been incessantly calling MIRACAS to know of the status of my orders (or atleast a REFUND) that followed from returning to them some previously ordered products that were disappointingly poor in quality. They dont reply to my enquiring emails, neither do they take my calls. I have been mailing, been trying to establish contact with them for over two weeks now. But nobody out there even cares to write back to me. They had already caused so much incoveniences tome already before when they were just refusing to acknowledge if my courier back to them had reached its destination or not(tracking through DTDC its showed 'delivered'). They took a week to let me know that they had received it. And then static again. I had to push them so that they activated my store credits (as per the rules), but even that took around a week of calling, even roughing them up at times. Im still trying to get them respond to me, but they are so adamant to not even reply. Even the contact number they have is answered my the same person all the time. They dont have a Cust care dept either. I had spent an amount of INR 2080 and I just cant let go of the thought of an online entity cheating me and getting away with it without a care. Please help.

*Even their office address has been taken of from the site. Theres just the warehouse address somewhere in the nook of an email from their end*

ps- have attached just one file of the two as proof of one order(those that never got delivered)

Complainant's Goal: refund or the prodcuts that I have ordered(for which they already have the money
Complainant's Target: MIRACAS
Complaint Location: IndiaAssam

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