Reliance Digital Retail Limited - Blaming Customer: No Proper Communication on Coupon expiry, Finally I lost 3400
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Complaint by: Praveen on December 23, 2017, 10:35 pm in Retail Stores

My name is Praveen, I had a very bad experience with Reliance digital, my issue was not resolved in shop hence I am raising my concern here.

Product Purchased: Macbook Air
Date of Purchase: 12/08/2017
Tax invoice: #: 889810817500393


When I visited Reliance Digital to inquire on Mac book Air on 12/08/2017, They told too many attractive offers like, 10000 Cashback, One Philips Sound bar then 3400 discount coupon, I felt very much happy and purchased the product.

On (03/12/2017) I visited reliance digital to redeem the coupons but it was unsuccessful. After selecting the product, I showed the bill then they were telling that your coupon is expired, I was really shocked after seeing the expired date of the coupon in the bill, I told in shop that it was not communicated to me while purchasing, you told that there is only coupon but you never told about expiry date of the coupon is with in one month of purchase. No email or not even a single msg sent on my mobile regarding the expiry.

Coupon price: 3400, which is huge for me and I don’t want to lose it.


1) No proper commuication on the expiry date of the coupon, in fact it was not at all explained while purchase is made or at delivery time, this shows how responsible are Reliance Digital executive. Before purchasing they were so keen to explain all the benefits and offers but they never told or reminded about coupon expiry.
I felt it is a mistake from Reliance Digital end not mine.

2) Atleast an email communication or message or phone call from Reliance digital on expiry on coupon would have alerted me on the expiry of the coupon, which was not done from RELIANCE Digital end. I feel once again it is a mistake from Reliance digital for not alerting me on coupon expiry.

3) In the Bill, coupon is code is mentioned at the last and expiry is mentioned in the end of the bill, Bill length is close to 45 cms (too long) and which is not visible and no one expect to read each and every line in the 45 cms length bill. Once again I feel it is a mistake from reliance for creating a too long bill adding all uncessary things and adding important thing at last and expect customer to read everything and act accordingly, If I missed the date, they you blame the customer that we have mentioned in the bill and it is your mistake and also you lie that We have explained while delivey.

Solution expected for me:

I know reliance digital cares for their customers and they don’t want to disappoint and loose their customers. I expect reliance digital to reactivate my coupon and allow me to redeem the same.


1) Please remind customers on their coupon expiry, As they might busy in their day to day life, While purchasing you will attract by saying these coupons and all but once purchase is made, you ignore to remind about this, which is really bad, You will loose customers for sure, by saying “your coupon is expired”, it really hurt sentiments of customers, it bring negative impression. I really feel you ignore customers a lot.

2) Please don’t give too long bill and If you mention coupon at the last, No one has patience to read 45 cms long bill, better don’t provide expiry to the coupon, let them redeem when they visit next, if you remind them on their next purchase and Customer will be very much happy .

3) If this is not resolved then for sure I will never ever visit this RD in future, because they give offers and they miss the key points to explain(For Ex: Coupon expiry) and make customer to lose their money.
Why we should visit RD to loose our money?

Very Very Disappointed with RD

Complainant's Goal: Reactivation of Coupon or Gift Voucher worth amount 3400 (same as coupon amount)
Complainant's Target: Reliance Digital Retail Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaMysore

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