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Complaint by: aadisrma on August 19, 2013, 1:18 pm in Telecommunications

I, Harsh Kumar Sharma, received a call from Reliance customer care on 20/06/2013 on my mobile number-9331221001 regarding an offer for postpaid connection for which no deposit have to made and only rentals of Rs.298 have to paid on monthly basis and the scheme contains offer as follows:
1) All Reliance to reliance call throughout India would be Free of Cost
2) 800 local free minutes on other network
3) 400 STD free minutes on other network
4) 1000 free MSGs (local + national)
5) 2GB free Net usage every month.
To assure myself,I asked the executive to transfer the call to your senior so that I may confirm the scheme. The call than was transfered to the Manager of the call center Mr.Subhankar (9230060222) who assured me that all the conditions of the scheme are true and all conditions and scheme of the connection will be provided.
I asked the executive that i need a sim containing the number of my choice which they agreed.
So I agree to buy 2 sim of my choice numbers on same conditions and scheme for which they say to pay a deposit of Rs.250/- on the second connection.
I too agreed and company sent a collecting agent to collect the documents,deposits amount and to handover the two sim.
The collecting agent provided me two sim of different numbers on which i asked that these are not my opted numbers. The agent told me that once the number will get registered,the Managaer Mr.Sbhankar will change the number of both the sim as per your choice. So i accepted the sim.
The numbers provided me were :9681970082 and 8442994534.
After that I tried many time to call Mr.Subhankar to get know about my numbers of the sim wether changed or not, always a girl named Miss.Piyali received the call and say that Mr,Subhankar is not in the office,he is on tour,he is out of office.
Than comes the varification agent, whome i denied to regiter the sim on my name and cancel the sim.
Than I received the call from customer care executive that my both sim have been activated and to dail 198 to verify my details and once the sim is activated they will change the numbers of both the sim and activate the 3G service on my numbers.
And now both the sim have been activated without changing the numbers,no 3G service have been activated yet, though i have not verified my sim.
And now the bill is being sent on my address.
I called the cutomer care who have called me regarding the offer that my no have not been changed yet and she told me that the manager Mr.Subhankar have done this kind of misappropriation with many customer and she is resgining the job too.
I am not using any of the sim.
I have also sent e-mail to Ms.Dolly Panday ( and Mr.Dhritiman Lahiri ( regarding the issue,but no feedback have been received yet.
Please help me to solve the issue as early as possible.
Harsh Kumar Sharma.

Complainant's Goal: to get refund of the deposit and cancel the connections.
Complainant's Target: Reliance Communications Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalHowrah

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